Santa Maria Maggiore

This splendid Baroque Cathedral is the last of the great Roman cathedrals to maintain its original structural core. Inside, you’ll find everything from a sculpture by Bernini to the tomb of St. Jerome in the catacombs beneath the church. Mere blocks from Hotel Taormina, Santa Maria Maggiore is Rome’s largest church.

Termini Rail Station

No, the rail station is not a destination in itself. Rather, it is a portal to all the rest of Rome’s wonders. Whether you need to catch a train to nearby coast, or a quick ride across down to the Vatican City, our budget hotel’s proximity to Termini will be a great convenience during your Rome trip.

The Colosseum

If a landmark needs no introduction, it is this one. The Colosseum still rises above the rooftops of Rome, a sign of all great and terrible that has happened in the Eternal City. Since you’re staying at Hotel Taormina, we know your visit will come under much better conditions than any of the gladiators or peasants who once filled it centuries ago.

San Giovanni in Laterano

Known for its striking white façade and the obelisk rising from the square in front of that façade, San Giovanni in Laterano was occupied by every pope in Rome until the 14th century. Inside, the stairs known as the Scala Santa are rumored to be the same steps walked by Jesus Christ during his Passion. And thankfully, it’s a brief walk from the affordable Hotel Taormina to San Giovanni in Laterano. Be sure to note the various Papal tombs also located in the cathedral.